MONO: “Smoke Screens” by Shabaam Sahdeeq & J57 feat. Rim da Villin & Gorilla Nemsfeat.

THE SONG: Smoke Screens

WHO: Shabaam Sahdeeq & J57 feat. Rim da Villin & Gorilla Nems

WHY IT’S HOT… This album is arguably one of the best albums of this year and entered the ring at the top of 2020. While other emcees might have been focusing on building their legacy catalogues and holding off on distribution, it’s evident that this team was busy distributing the wealth. This banger exudes NY circa 1989 heat with some lyrical bombs nonchalantly woven throughout. Bonus treat are the luxurious visuals that bring an almost classic ‘70s heist film that deserves several playbacks. This hard knock number is one to indulge in.

WANT MORE? Sahdeeq hails from Brooklyn. He has featured with artists such as Pharoahe Monch, Mos Def, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Red Man, Method Man, Kool G Rap, and many more. You can read and hear more from him on his website.

Words: SDot

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