MONO: “In the Name of Prodigy” by Flee Lord.

THE SONG: In the Name of Prodigy.

WHO: Flee Lord.

WHY IT’S HOT… Before Hip Hop legend Prodigy passed away he introduced us to his relentless Far Rockaway born protégé Flee Lord. Over the past few years, Flee has made a name for himself via his maniacal mixtape output and notable features with the Griselda team. Recently, he and Havoc (Mobb Deep) combined to create a masterpiece commemorating their fallen comrade P. Featuring notables like Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Eto, & Conway combined with Havoc’s blistering production; this mixtape bangs from top to bottom. Rest assured Bandana P is smiling heartily from up above.

WANT MORE? Check out… Check out Flee Lord “No More Humble Fashion” LP

WORDS: Greg Cee.

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