The Daily Dose: Mèdecins Sans Frontiéres throwing serious shade at the WHO

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There’s some serious saltiness between Mèdecins Sans Frontiéres and the World Health Organization. According to the NGO, the WHO has essentially been complicit in the deaths of hundreds of people in the Democratic Republic of Congoduring the ongoing Ebola outbreak. They accuse the U.N. agency of holding back Ebola vaccine that could be used to protect against the deadly infection. According to MSF, “The mortality rate in this outbreak is around 67 per cent, which is comparable with the mortality rate in the 2014-2016 West Africa outbreak, when neither therapeutic treatments, nor a vaccine, were available.” The NGO accuses the WHO of a lack of transparency in how vaccinations are being carried out.

File this under news nobody likes to hear. The committees responsible for selecting which vaccines to roll out for upcoming flu season seem to be confused as to exactly which ones to deploy. Admittedly, it is never easy to predict which strains will be in circulation and how it will present itself. As per STAT News, “The selections that officials made last week for the next Southern Hemisphere vaccine suggest that two of four viruses in the Northern Hemisphere vaccine that doctors and pharmacies are now pressing people to get may not be optimally protective this winter. Those two are influenza A/H3N2 and the influenza B/Victoria virus.” Facemasks, anyone?

News about vaping related deaths seem to come up every day. Another was reported this past weekend. “The case count marks a surge from the 530 cases reported last week, and the 380 cases reported the week prior. The agency also reported 12 deaths linked to the illnesses.”

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