DATA DEPENDENT: Edwin Encarnacion joins the 400 HR Club

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Edwin Encarnacion joined the 400 HR Club Sunday by belting two home runs against his former club, the Los Angeles Angels. Early in his career with the Cincinnati Reds, he had his fair share of dingers but was by no means a power hitter. Two 20+ HR seasons out of six hinted at some pop but those seasons appeared to be the outliers. In 2011, he had 7 HRs with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Encarnacion’s production exploded in 2012 as he hit 42 HR, 110 RBI while scoring 93 Runs, all career numbers. His WAR spiked from 0.7 the previous year to a serious 4.6. For the next six years, he never fell out of the Top 10 in HRs and Top 15 in RBIs. Between 2012 and 2018, Encarnacion averaged 37.57 HR and 109.14 RBI.

This season, the right handed slugger is showing no signs of letting up in terms of home run production, though his batting average has dipped. He’s on pace for at least 40 HRs and 80 RBIs.

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