DAILY DOSE: Another day, another gene edited primate in China

Another Day, Another Genetically-Modified Primate: Scientists in China are at it again… Kind of. Researchers at the Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai, led by Dr. Mu-Ming Poo, have reported that they successfully genetically modified then cloned monkeys. The macaques’ genomes were tweaked to provide scientists a research tool that makes studying complex human disorders such as Alzheimer’s easier. Primates are considered the ideal animal models for exploring higher cognitive functions and brain disorders. https://go.nature.com/2HHwZYW

All Hail the Anti-Vax Mob: The Associated Press reports that public health officials in the American Northwest are scrambling to contain the measles outbreak caused by anti-vaccine advocates. Their decision to leave their children unvaccinated not only put their children at risk but also other people around them. The outbreak has sickened 35 people in Oregon and Washington with 11 more suspected cases. Everyone give the smarter-than-the-rest parents a round of applause. http://bit.ly/2HIhXSM

Echoes of Berlin: The World Health Organization has completed a much needed airlift of medical supplies to the north-western region of war-torn Syria. Over 28 tons of equipment, vaccines, medical kits, antibiotics, IV fluids, anti-asthma, and chronic disease medicines were delivered to Al-Hasakeh governate. It was the World Health Organization’s second shipment. The first airlift took place on January 8.

Full Steam Ahead: NASA scientists are all in when it comes to exploring the most mysterious moon in the solar system. (That would be Europa, FYI.) The Europa Clipper, would possible launch as soon as 2023. Once it arrives at its destination, the spacecraft will perform roughly 40 close passes while gathering vital information about Europa’s geology, composition, and hidden interior ocean. They’ll also do some minor life-on-an-icy-moon life searching. Right on. http://bit.ly/2HOABbY


RIP Science in Turkmenistan: The president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdmukhamedov, has shut down science funding in the country by decree. The war on science continues. The bright side? It’s Turkmenistan. http://bit.ly/2HDfaKv

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