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The ChinaNet: Let’s just cut to the chase and admit it now. China owns the internet. In a startling report, a portion of American internet traffic was rerouted to China Telecom’s facility in Hangzhou, China. This apparently went on for two and a half years. People are playing the whole thing close to the chest but it doesn’t take a cyber-genius to know it’s a major security risk. Maybe it’s time to admit the uncomfortable truth. It’s China’s internet and we just surf on its waves.

Not So Fast: “Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization.” In response to this line from a recently published paper by a team of Harvard scientists, astronomers across the world are pushing back. Some claim the space object’s properties are consistent with other comet-like bodies while others assert that without more data, it’s impossible to make any assumptions.

Grazing in cosmic pastures: Astronomers continue to be transfixed by Cow, the bright supernova that appeared overnight and has continued to shine brightly. There’s some consensus “that a ‘central engine’ has kept agitating the exploding star from the inside for months and that the energy must have come from either a newly formed black hole in the process of accreting matter, or the frenetic rotation of a neutron star.”

The Alien Ocean Hunter: The New York Times’ rare feature length profile on a scientist is worth a few minutes of your time. Margaret Kivelson, an physicist at U.C.L.A., knows as much as anyone about Jupiter and it’s gaseous mysteries. We need more profiles like this from the Old Gray Lady.

The New Sheriff: The Democrats won back the House. Should the pharmaceutical industry be scared. According to this STAT news exclusive, the answer is Yes.

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