Separate and unequal: A recent report from the CDC highlights the continued gap in healthcare between rural and urban communities in America. Incidences of cancer outside big cities are increasing each year.

Small tweaks: Researchers have modified vancomycin in order to increase its effectiveness against resistant bacteria. The report is in PNAS.

Human League: Just in case you were wondering whether Australopithecus afarensis had spines closer in similarity to simians or humans, rest assured, a recent study indicates the presence twelve vertebra… Just like us.

Safety first: Data regarding Novartis’ attempt to become the first mover in CAR-T drug therapy has been published and open for critical analysis. Tisaglenlecnuclei is a blood cancer drug. The FDA suggests focusing on safety as opposed to efficacy.

Ending the drought: After almost two decades, a new therapy for sickle cell anemia has been approved for the market. Endari – developed by Emmaus Medical – is reported to be priced between $11,000 and $18,000.


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