Monday Briefing: Iranian Universal Healthcare

Iran from another angle: According to the WHO, the Islamic country has made significant strides in addressing the non-communicable diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure that have accompanied their improved living standards. The highest levels of government have been involved. Universal healthcare is in the works. (Are you listening, American politicians?)

Roche buys in: Reinforcing the notion that diabetes is big business for pharma, Roche has acquired MySugr, the digital diabetes management platform. The Roche Venture fund was already an investor in MySugr.

Simple seawater solution: Why did Roman concrete last longer than the crumbly stuff we use nowadays? Turns out seawater was the key, when mixed with volcanic ash. The combination gives rise to aluminum tobermorite that is soluble in concrete.

Ebola outbreak over: CDC officially proclaimed the Ebola outbreak over.

Ebola exhibition: Fortuitously, the declaration of the end of the Ebola outbreak came at the same time the CDC debuted a new exhibit documenting the West Africa outbreak.

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