Tuesday Morning Briefing (U.S. Edition)

Commodity Culture: Stat investigated treatment centers for opioid addiction and found a disturbing trend where the addicts hopeful of recovery are taken advantage of by opportunistic “brokers” who set up the visit. https://is.gd/6Y6qfo

Mining Metal in Space: It was only a matter of time. NASA has prioritized a mission to the asteroid 16 Psyche. It represents a significant step toward digging for minerals – in this case nickel-iron – in outer space. https://is.gd/TS1uNE

Promise of Protection: Inovio’s HIV vaccine, Pennvax-GP, performed admirably in early clinical trials. It was able to elicit a significant immune response in 94% of the participating subjects. None of the placebo participants showed an immune response. https://is.gd/f7t5eu

Getting Hot in Here: A study published in PNAS utilized new methods of quantifying individual extreme climate events around the world. The results indicate that it is indeed getting hotter – especially in the tropical regions. People living there would be thrilled by the news. http://m.pnas.org/content/114/19/4839.full

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