Monday Morning Briefing (U.S. Edition)

Indirect Pressure Works: Volvo Motors’ CEO, Hakan Samuelsson, revealed that the company will phase out development of diesel engines. All this, thanks to Tesla’s success and unveiling of a new all-electric semi-truck. It proves that if there’s a market for sustainable technology, people will jump on board.

Express Lane Pharma: China’s FDA has been on a tear of late. They’ve tweaked their orphan drug approval process to speed up drugs coming to market. In addition, the government body also made moves to adopt its American counterpart’s clinical trial approval system.

Come Together: The 70th World Health Assembly convenes this week. Beside the usual policy discussions, the delegates will be tasked with electing a new Director-General. Those of you really interested can stream the assembly live online. The rest of us will just wait for the headline.

Mapping the Unmappable: A joint study conducted by Chinese and American astronomers has yielded the largest map of the Universe. It is based the positions of quasars, bright points of light produced by supermassive black holes. But how do you map something that is always expanding?


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