Monday Morning Briefing (Euro Edition)

Added proof: Recent research reinforces many scientists’ hypothesis that abnormalities with the SOD1 – an antioxidant enzyme – create depositions of the protein. Referred to as the “SOD1 fingerprint”, it results in a loss of neurons due to oxidative stress.

Where’s that gym membership?: Relief from chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and different types of cancers might be as close as the gym around the corner or the yoga studio down the block. Exercise was found to have a positive effect in up to 85% of performance capacity indicators.

Lucky break: The Belgian-Dutch biotech company Argenix survived the recently choppy market waters for similar stocks with a better than expected IPO. Netting $114.7 million, they now have money for their autoimmune R&D strategy. Impressive considering they have yet to generate phase 2 data on ARGX-113.

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