Friday Morning Briefing (Euro Edition)

Stem Cell Advance: Scientists have managed to turn mature cells into blood stem cells that are capable of regeneration. The discovery could translate into therapies for leukaemia and other blood disorders.

Improving Rice Immunity: Plant biologists have designed rice with improved immune systems. Most modified rice plants are resilient to single diseases. This would increase that number and increase rice yields, perhaps feeding more people. But it isn’t organic…

Going Green: Antarctica has seen drastic changes during the past fifty years. A recent study indicates that moss has been growing at increased rates, an indication of past temperature increases. There are no signs of the trend abating.

Antibiotic Pipeline Update: Iterum has bagged $65 million in Series B financing to help it take its antibiotic, sulopenem, through phase 3 trials. The drug was originally developed by Pfizer in the 1990s who allowed it to languish until Iterum acquired it from them.

Chinese crops, African soil: Plant biologists are reporting large harvests of Chinese crops planted in numerous African countries. It carries with it the possibility of greater grain yields to combat food shortages. Question is: food shortages where?

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