A Crowded Trade: Merck has thrown its hat into the DNA scissors arena. In conjunction with MilliporeSigma, the company has developed an alternative CRISPR method. (https://is.gd/MxlkrX)

Sense and Sensibility: A fascinating article published at Scientific American online examines the evidence of whether some plants can actually hear. The proof positive is compelling. (https://is.gd/mvl7H0)

The Exploding Pipeline: Johnson and Johnson is making some ambitious projections. They are predicting that by 2021 their pipeline will have eleven blockbuster drugs on the market. That’s great news. But where are the new antibiotics? (https://is.gd/DTAaCG)

A Bunch of Little Bangs: Research by scientists in China and Germany suggest that some cosmic rays may have their origins in the collision of dark matter. (https://is.gd/82X1zN)

Small change, big effect: Research published in Nature indicates that a mutation in Zika’s gene coding for nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) may be responsible for the rapid spread of the virus. Not only does the change enhance mosquito infection but it also promotes mosquito acquisition of ZIKV. https://is.gd/7p3Rq1


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