Thursday Morning Briefing (Euro Edition) 

Global Death Report: The WHO released their annual World Health Statistsics report. According to their release, they now know how half the people in the world died last year. Great. (

Your Doctor’s Age: According to a study that looked at 19,000 doctors – a pretty decent sample size – there is a direct link between older physicians and increased patient mortality. While the increase was small (less than 0.5%), the study will do wonders in promoting ageism in medicine. (

Express Lane Drugs: According to FierceBiotech, the U.S. FDA has granted priority review status to Bayer’s non-Hodgkin lymphoma drug, copanlisib. It should finish the approval process in 6 months or less. Can we have this urgency with new antibiotics, please? (

Lab Constructs Zika Replica: Australian researchers have recreated the Zika virus in the laboratory. The achievement should aid in studying the virus’ devastating effects. (

The Great Reconciliation: In the latest attempt to reconcile General Relativity with Quantum Physics, scientists proposed a new explanation for our expanding universe. Out with “dark energy” and in with “vacuum energy”. (

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