Tuesday Morning Briefing

Old Drug, New Use: Metformin, the diabetes drug, may have a new use. Researchers believe it may be used to treat some forms of autism. (https://is.gd/o1OLK7)

National Security Risks: A new report by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine makes the case for continued spending on global health initiatives. The next epidemic poses a threat to worldwide security, including American. (https://is.gd/cAdkZi)

Mounting Frustrations: Published reports are indicating a growing sense of frustration among aid workers responding to the Ebola outbreak. A decision has yet to be made regarding use of the vaccine that has yet to be officially approved for use. https://is.gd/Ym9L36

Down in the Dumps: Studies of the world’s most remote islands have discovered that despite being uninhabited, they are being inundated by plastic garbage floating ashore. (https://is.gd/naRtni)

Getting high, getting low: According to scientists, the use of cannabis is waning in Australia and nobody knows why. Some point to a corresponding decline in tobacco and alcohol use. Maybe they are on to something? (https://is.gd/4Ckcnu)

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