MONO: “Sick Girl” by Sourmilk.

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THE SONG: Sick Girl.

WHO: Sourmilk.

WHY IT’S HOT: This track from Indonesian indie band, Sourmilk, has a joyous sound that never lets up from the opening guitar riff to the song’s final chord. Lead singer, Jess, has that sort-of-bothered-sort-of-not indie-girl delivery that is the perfect compliment to the guitar work that always seems to be pushing a few steps ahead and might need some reigning in. It’s their debut single and if the rest of their music is anything like it, good things lay ahead.


WANT MORE? Keeping things Asia-centric, here’s a favorite band of ours from Japan. (More from them on another date.) “You” by Mass of Fermenting Dregs.

WORDS: brice.

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