MONO: “On Venus” by Naduh.

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THE SONG: On Venus.

WHO: Naduh.

WHY IT’S HOT: This is a song that feels right. It’s got this chilled ’90s vibe to it that’s kinda reinforced by quoting the 90s girl-group par excellence, the Spice Girls. I mean, it’s the first line, right? “If you wanna be my lover/ You gotta get with my friends.” Even their really distinct individual looks harken back to the that group. If you’re worried about “On Venus” being some easy ’90s knockoff, never fear. A quick listen to the lyrics of the song shows that Naduh belong to the new millenium. They sound great. Got this song on repeat.

WANT MORE? Actually, so here’s what happened. On Venus ended and YouTube sent me over to another Naduh track with them performing live. Their backing track reminded me of this obscure 1991 single from KMD. So here you go… about as random a track as you’ll find online today or tomorrow.

WORDS: briceone.

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