SCINQ Asia: China increases number of animals on conservation list

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China is in the process of doing a major revision of its conservation list. It’s been 30 years since the last time major changes have been made. While a definitive list hasn’t been made public, but leaked images indicate an expansion of protected animals.

China’s lunar rover, Yutu 2, has been entered a dormant phase after traveling 271 meters on the dark side of the moon. It is the eighth time the rover has been put to sleep.

A brutal heat wave has gripped Japan. According to the Japan Times, “Fifty-seven people died due to heat-related medical issues in Japan over the week starting July 29.”

Meanwhile, in Thailand, “A specialist with the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand has sought to calm fears that Asteroid 2006 QQ23, which is double the height of Baiyoke II Tower in Bangkok, would hit Planet Earth on Saturday.” How come nobody told us about the asteroid hitting?

Researchers in South Korea have developed “a technology that can obtain high-resolution, micrometer-sized images for mass spectrometric analysis without sample preparation.” The technology uses a small, inexpensive laser to analyze tiny bio samples.

IMAGE SOURCE:  Creative Commons

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