SCINQ Asia: Donald Trump set to raid Home Depot for rakes to send to Siberia?

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Striking video shows the striking scale of the wildfires in Siberia. International help has been offered to Russia, including from American President Donald Trump. During the devastating fires that tore through California last year, Trump suggested residents use rakes to prevent more fires from adding to the inferno. Perhaps the president is planning on raiding the aisles of Home Depot for some supplies?

In light of the first successful private company launch of a space bound rocket in China, much more is in store. The company, iSpace is turning up the heat on its local competitors with its ambitious strategy. According to Reuters, “Beijing-based startup iSpace is planning up to eight commercial rocket launches next year, after last week becoming China’s first privately funded firm to put a satellite into orbit.”

Speaking of China’s space program, the country executed a controlled crash of a mini-orbiter to the moon’s surface. According to the Global Times, “China’s micro lunar orbiter Longjiang-2 has crashed into the Moon under ground control after it completed its mission, according to the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of the China National Space Administration.”

China is making strides in the agricultural sector as well, thanks to the country’s plant scientists’ wholehearted embrace of CRISPR technology. While they will be first to admit that they still have some catching up to do with other countries, they’re making significant strides ina hurry.

The Philippines is beginning to show signs of strain due to the expanding outbreak of Dengue Fever that has gripped significant portions of the country. In a thought-provoking op-ed, Alvin Manalansan breaks down the various ways the disease stresses individual finances as well as the nation’s productivity. Particularly troubling is the observation that “In fact, about 93% of all dengue episodes reported in 2010–2014 were hospitalized patients and half of these were reported from private facilities.” Actual figures for the current outbreak are likely much higher.

After an unsuccessful and needlessly violent “War on Drugs” wages by Thailand years ago (pre-dating Philippines’ president’s Sisyphean and destructive efforts), the country has moved in a completely different direction. Thailand is set to approve its first batch of medical marijuana.

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