The Big Question with Miljana Radivojevic

Dr. Miljana Radivojevic is a post-doc researcher at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology University of Cambridge. Her specific area of interest deals with the invention and innovation of prehistoric metallurgical processes in Eurasia.

What is the biggest question facing your field today?

Archaeological science, as many other sciences today, is facing the question of Big Data, and how do we turn accumulated data into an informed interpretation of how past societies lived. Big debates on pre-modern globalization, and especially the role of technology in connecting the ancient worlds across Eurasia, and globally, will keep intriguing scholarship in the years to come.

Why is it significant?

The use of data legacy is driven by the curiosity to learn about the human past, which in turn informs and enriches both the present and the future. The higher the resolution of information, the greater the understanding, and the volume of accumulated data thus far warrants better insights into the past than ever before.

Where will the answer likely come from?

I place my faith in network analytics. It has already proven extremely valuable in many areas of modern human endeavor, like biology, medicine or climate science, and I believe that we can use what we know about human behavior today to access the best approximation of what past life looked like.

For more information about Miljana Radivojevic, visit her University of Cambridge page.

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