SPORTS: Opportunities abound for this weekends NFL Playoff games.

For years, enthusiastic sports fans in Louisiana have had to sit back and watch while state after state passed legislation allowing sports betting. On January 8, New York became the latest state in the Union to officially allow its residents to place bets for their favorite teams, against their more reviled, and some combination of the two. 

Needless to say, New Yorkers rushed to their phones to download any and all sportsbooks that had been given the green light by Albany to do business in the Empire State. In 19 days, sportsbooks made $41,873,312. The state took home $4,187,331. Not bad for two weeks. 

Without a doubt, the politicians in Albany had their eyes on their neighbors to the south. Since June 2018, New Jersey sportsbooks have pulled in a whopping $1,607,900,422 while Trenton had a cool $202,133,909 fall on their laps.

Today, Louisiana joins in on the sports betting party and is the next state to go live with online sports betting. These apps launched in support of the action and just in time for the Super Bowl, as well. It’s one of the biggest sporting events of the year so expectations on revenue are high. Even though not every app is live yet, fans can take advantage by pre-registering for a banquet’s worth of on-going promos. 

JurisdictionHandleRevenueHoldTaxes/Jurisdiction Revenue
Montana$65,928,368$8,794,05713.3%$ –
New Hampshire$996,814,938$67,516,0056.8%$31,013,432
New Jersey$22,783,077,809$1,607,900,4227.1%$202,133,909
New Mexico$ –$ –$ –
New York$363,546,597$41,873,31211.5%$4,187,331
Oregon$595,117,983$53,394,7109.0%$ –
Rhode Island$881,020,776$80,478,8609.1%$41,044,219
South Dakota$2,651,489$254,5829.6%$22,912
Washington DC$264,601,693$39,024,46814.7%$2,862,328
West Virginia$1,231,838,097$98,999,9018.0%$9,899,990
SOURCE: Legal Sports Report.

Of course, the New Orleans Saints are out of the playoff picture and that’s gotta be a bummer… But hey, so are Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, there’s always a bright side. Also, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some juicy matchups. 

This Sunday, the Cinderella story continues for Joe Burrow’s Cincinatti Bengals (+285) as they take on Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs (-355). Meanwhile, the second game of the day features a Golden State duel between the Jimmy G’s San Francisco 49ers (+148) taking on a reborn Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams (-176). (SOURCE: Fanduel Sportsbook)

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