DATA DEPENDENT DAILY (MLB): It’s a toss up between Vlad Guerrero Jr. and Brandon Crawford.

It was a short night last night with only three games scheduled so it’s slim pickings this morning. That said, Max Stassi and Sterline Marte had almost identical nights, separated by 0.200 in the OPS column. 

Max Stassi431.7502.500
Sterling Marte431.7502.300
Brian O’Grady421.5002.100
Manny Machado321.6672.067
Hunter Dozier430.7502.000

Top Exit Velocity: Rafael Devers (BOS) 114.4 mph

Top Distance: Jorge Soler (KC) 427 feet

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With three games on the ledger, top pitching performances pretty much include anyone who held a baseball. However, the 5 IP minimum means that the cast of characters gets even narrower. To top it off, the two players who qualified barely made it to the minimum. Thank god it’s back to normal tonight.

Dylan Bundy5.22513.181.059
Ryan Weathers5.04485.401.200

Top Velocity: Chris Rodriguez (LAA) 98.3 mph.

Top Spin Rate: Eric Hosmer (SDP) 3374 rpm on a curveball that had a 54’’ vertical break.

Marquee Matchup: Houston Astros (-120) vs Boston Red Sox (+100)

Marquee Game Pitching Matchup: Martin Perez (BOS) is favored to record the win (-375) and to finish with more than 3.5 strikeouts (-140). 

Fantasy: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. tops the Tuesday hitting chart with a 1.581 OPS. He’s managed to not just match his hot start but surpass it. He’s hitting .348 in his last 7 games and .346 in his last 15. Brandon Crawford has upped his game and is hitting .350 during his last 7 starts. We’d go with Vlad Jr. on our Daily Fantasy team but only just. Crawford has been a little more consistent racking up the FPTS.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.36176.4721.581
Brandon Crawford34156.4411.412
Ronald Acuna34126.3531.362
Jose Abreu32116.3441.267
Trea Turner36144.3891.172

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