SCINQ Guide to Break-ups: The Mend a Broken Heart Playlist.

Who – Marty Balin

What – Hearts.

Why – “Hearts” was the biggest song on ex-Jefferson Airplan member Marty Balin’s 1981 solo LP “Balin” and on first listen it’s obvious why. Heartbreak, longing, and the wistful feelings of lost love never felt so soothing. I can’t lie, I dropped a few tears over the years with “Hearts” playing in the background. Rest In Peace Mr. Balin and thank you for blessing us with such a beautiful piece of art.

Who – Eddie Santiago

What – Devorame Otra Vez.

Why – When you can’t get him/her off your mind and want to remember the lightning and thunder that drew you together, just take a listen to this salsa classic. This sensual ode to the love of your life may not lead to a reunion but will definitely bring back some good memories from the boudoir. Sometimes those memories are the best part.

Who – DP Express

What – Ansanm Ansanm.

Why – First of all, anything DP Express frontman Ti Manno touched was verified audio gold. Second, he had the gift of being able to touch on the rawest human emotions and issues while making you dance. “Ansanm Ansanm” is his Kompa missive on the ups and downs in modern relationships. Grab a glass of 5 Star and dance the pain away. Who knows, you might find the next love of your life.

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Who – Stone Roses.

What – I am the Ressurection.

Why – There’s a lot of hurt entailed in mending a broken heart, especially when it’s on bad terms. Not everyone can be (or wants to be) as magnanimous as Adele and her 2011 hit “Someone Like You.” Thank god for that. This track from the Stone Roses’ legendary debut album does the bitter julted lover thing to perfection.

Stone me, why can't you see You're a no-one nowhere washed up baby who'd look better dead 
Your tongue is far too long
I don't like the way it sucks and slurs upon my every word

Don't waste your words I don't need anything from you
I don't care where you've been or what you plan to do.

Ian Brown does end up offering a bit of a fig leave though. Admitting “I could never hate you as I’d like.”

Who – The Weeknd and Ariana Grande.

What – Save Your Tears (Remix)

Why – Sometimes mending a brokn heart means owning up to mistakes and doing a little bit of pleading. Everyone’s been there. Lots of people have done that. Apparently, so have The Weeknd and Ariana Grande as can be surmised by the lyrics: Take me back ’cause I wanna stay/ Save your tears for another day.”

Who – Arthur Alexander.

What – You’d Better Move On.

Why – Other times, mending that heart mending means defending what’s yours when there’s a third person involved, aka the home-wrecker. This song by Arthur Alexander (and faithfully covered by the Rolling Stones) builds from politely asking his rival to go away to finally losing his temper and threatening him.

I think you'd better go
Now, I'm gettin' mighty mad
You've asked me to give up
The only love I've ever had
Maybe I would, oh, but I love her so
Never gonna let her go
You better move on
(You better move on)

WORDS: Greg Cee; brice.

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