Facebook Indicators of Depression: Recent research shows that by analyzing the language in Facebook posts, they were able to predict whether the they would suffer from depression in the future. Language predictive of depression included reference to typically associated symptoms such as sadness, loneliness, and increased self-reference. http://bit.ly/2DkGTfe

Apocalypse Now?: The main workers union in the United Kingdom expressed concern this past weekend at scheme by a British company, BioTeq, and a Swedish company, Biohax, to implant biochips just under the flesh of workers. The chip could be used to open secured doors, access offices, and store medical data. Several legal and financial firms are currently in negotiations to have the chips installed into their employees. http://bit.ly/2DkDHR2

Google Consolidates It’s Healthcare Assets: Apparently Google’s various experimental healthcare ventures are like it’s Android ecosystem. Fragmented and a little chaotic. Now, it has take the first step in addressing the problem. The internet tech giant moved to reabsorb DeepMind, its UK based artificial intelligence company. DeepMind is responsible for Google’s Streams app and other medical research projects. http://bit.ly/2Q2jjLm

A New Soldier in the AMR Fight: Antibiotic resistance is a major problem facing the world and it needs some serious leaders to lead the charge. For the British antimicrobial from, Matoke Pharma, the man to help take them forward is the newly-hired Alan Westwood, formerly a Bayer VP of global strategic marketing for anti-infectives. As managing director, he will oversee the development of the company’s lead candidate, RO-101, which utilizes the company’s “reactive oxygen” platform. http://bit.ly/2PReQuT

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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