50 States of Science: Museum of Discovery and Science overflows with experiences that won’t disappoint.

The Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale is a dynamic hub for hands-on scientific learning, where visitors of all ages can delve into interactive exhibits, encounter Florida’s unique ecosystems, and gaze through the lens of a state-of-the-art IMAX theater. It’s an immersive world of education and entertainment, designed to spark curiosity and ignite the imagination.

NUTSHELL: Imagine walking into a realm where science is not just observed but vigorously lived—a kaleidoscope of wonders at the Museum of Discovery and Science in sunny Florida. Here, it’s not your everyday museum stroll; it’s an adventure, a head-first dive into the heart of science that pulses with the thrill of discovery. You’ve got a ticket to ride the ever-spinning vortex of knowledge, from the depths of the prehistoric world, where dinosaurs reign once more, to the far edges of the universe in the planetarium. It’s a place where the eager minds of children and the curious souls of adults converge, where the gizmos and gadgets of the EcoDiscovery Center dare you to engage with the wild side of nature. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s the AutoNation IMAX Theater, where the world unfolds before you in a spectacle of larger-than-life stories. This is not just a museum; it’s a journey through the bravado of science, unfiltered and untamed, waiting for you to grab it by the lapels. Welcome to the Museum of Discovery and Science, a place where the only thing more explosive than the experiments is your own amazement.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Science – Everyone’s inalienable right. The perfect t-shirt for the questioning class.

THE NUT: In the museum’s own words – 

“The Museum of Discovery and Science welcomes individuals from all walks of life to visit, experience, connect and discover inspiring science. We support all family structures, creating a culture of hospitality where diversity is celebrated. Our doors are open to everyone: individuals and families with physical, mental and emotional disabilities and disparities in education, social and economic status. We embrace our truly diverse community of various ethnicities, religions, gender identification and sexual orientations.

All are welcome here.”

NOW SHOWING: Honestly, there’s so much going on you just have to visit the museum events page to see all the offerings. Just this weekend alone, there’s “Slime Time Weekends”, “Thomas and Friends Explore the Rails”, and the “14th Annual Florida Day of the Dead Celebration”.

COMING SOON: For all of you film buffs, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival: Blue Whales: Return Of The Giants is a can’t-miss event coming next week.

GEOGRAPHY SPECIFIC: Dive into the heart of Florida’s wild tapestry at the Museum of Discovery and Science, where the “Florida Ecoscapes” exhibit lays out the raw and untamed beauty of this sun-soaked land. It’s a true-to-life safari, an indoor expedition where the indigenous flora and fauna of Florida steal the show. Here, in the thick of sharks, alligators, and serpentine twists of coral, you’re on the frontline, witnessing first-hand the fierce battle against invading exotics. The Tide Pool beckons—a microcosm where touching the wild is not just allowed, but encouraged. It’s a primal dance of ecosystems, from the briny deep to the coastal fringes, where you come face-to-face with nature’s unvarnished truth. Buckle up; this isn’t just an exhibit. It’s a journey into the pulsating heart of Florida itself. 

SPECIAL MENTION: When the sun dips below the horizon, the Museum of Discovery and Science flickers to life in a whole different light, staging a nocturnal escapade into the wild heart of STEM. The Nighttime Adventures and Overnights at the museum is where it’s at. Picture this: packs of kids, untethered from the day’s norms, prowling through the exhibits, devouring pizza, and soaking in the science, with only the stars as their chaperone. It’s a wild rumpus of learning and adventure, stitched into the fabric of the night. Whether it’s a single night of scientific shenanigans or a full-blown sleepover camp-in, these are the nights that fling open the doors to the extraordinary, inviting the young and the restless to dance with discovery until dawn. 

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