50 States of Science: The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry radiates curiosity and exploration.

Oregon, a jewel in the Pacific Northwest, is a playground for adventurers and nature lovers alike! It’s a land where ethereal landscapes meet vibrant culture. You can explore the breathtaking Crater Lake National Park, renowned for its deep blue waters and stunning views, or meander through the lush landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge. The iconic Mount Hood offers exceptional hiking and skiing opportunities, while the quirky and artistic city of Portland provides a splash of urban flair with its renowned food scene, eclectic shops, and diverse entertainment. From its windswept coastline to its verdant valleys, Oregon promises an enchanting array of attractions to explore. And maybe none of them stand out the way the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry does.

NUTSHELL: Have you ever been to or heard about the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, fondly known as OMSI? It’s this vibrant hub nestled in Portland, Oregon, radiating curiosity and exploration, truly a treasure trove for minds of all ages. 🚀 It’s brimming with a wealth of interactive exhibits, hands-on science labs, and mind-blowing planetarium shows that whisk you through the wonders of the universe! And, oh boy, it’s not just about spectacles and displays; it offers engaging science demonstrations and hosts captivating events that bring science to life in the most delightful ways! 🌿 It’s a place where the science lover in you will feel right at home, and if you’re not a science enthusiast yet, well, OMSI might just kindle a spark of interest before you even know it! Whether you’re a fan of technology, ecology, or the marvels of the human body, OMSI is your go-to destination to unravel the mysteries of the world around us! 🌐 Isn’t it exciting? Would love to chat more about the cool things you can experience there!

THE NUT: In their own words – “OMSI’s mission is to inspire curiosity through engaging science learning experiences, foster experimentation and the exchange of ideas, and stimulate informed action.”

NOW SHOWING: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of orcas, the supreme predators of the oceans, with the exhibit Orcas: Our Shared Future. This journey intertwines science, Indigenous beliefs, and ecological activism, transforming the notorious “Killer Whales” image into one of awe and respect. The exhibit boasts over 100 unique artifacts, including life-sized replicas, fossils, and Indigenous artwork, offering insights into orca societies, their varied statuses, and their tight-knit relationships with humans. Reflect on the impacts of captivity and emerge with an enriched perspective on these intricate beings, revealing how orcas and humans share intertwined destinies.

COMING SOON: Ready to dive into the wild and wondrous world of the animal kingdom’s super cool self-defense strategies? Staying Alive: Defenses of the Animal Kingdom promises to be an awesome exhibit where you can explore how animals rock their world with tough armor, wicked venom, and poison, or how they go incognito with camouflage and mimicry. In this exhibit, you can get face-to-face with 16 live animals and discover all about the jaw-dropping tactics and adaptations they’ve got to keep on rocking in the wild world! 🦗🐢 It’s all about interactive fun, and there are animal experts on-site to answer all your burning questions! 🌟 So, ready to meet these survival maestros?

GEOGRAPHY SPECIFIC: Discover the evolutionary journey of life through ancient bones and fossils, and interact with rare specimens millions of years old! Step into a live fossil preparation lab and watch as trained experts meticulously prepare fossils for display, involving intricate rock removal and repair. Get hands-on with fossilized shells, leaves, and bones from Oregon and Washington, each telling its unique story of the past. Engage with staff and volunteers to learn about the regional fossil collection process and the tales these ancient remnants narrate about life’s enduring dance through the ages. The experience is a peek into our planet’s captivating history!

DATE NIGHT: YES! It’s called OMSI After Dark and it takes place on the last Wednesday of the month. The museum adopts different themes each month in order to keep things fresh. OMSI After Dark is a 21+ event that gathers local vendors, artisans, and science content for you to enjoy.


Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
1945 SE Water Ave. Portland, OR 97214-3354
Phone: (503) 797-4000 | Email: Info@OMSI.edu

Adult (14+) $18.00
Senior (63+) $15.00
Youth (3-13) $13.00
Infant (Under 3 years) Free

Ticket reservations required for all ages.


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