THE ABSTRACT: Chain-Gang All-Stars (REVIEW).

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah’s debut novel, Chain-Gang All-Stars, presents a powerful critique of society through the lens of a dystopian gladiatorial sport called CAPE (Criminal Action Penal Entertainment). Set in a disturbingly relatable alternate present, the novel unveils a privately owned prison system where inmates compete in televised death matches, not unlike “The Hunger Games,” for their freedom. This hyperviolent, commercialized world is portrayed through diverse perspectives: the gladiators themselves, corporate executives, sports fans, and even protesters rallying against the unjust system.

At the heart of the novel are protagonists Loretta Thurwar and Hamara “Hurricane Staxxx” Stacker, imprisoned individuals who find love amid the chaos. Thurwar’s journey to freedom, against the backdrop of Staxxx’s dread of her impending departure, adds depth to the narrative. As Thurwar steps closer to liberty, she confronts the fear of leaving her comrades behind, embodying the psychological struggle of survival and human connection.

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Adjei-Brenyah’s vivid world-building draws on contemporary issues such as reality TV, private prisons, America’s fascination with violence, and the mass incarceration of Black Americans. The novel boldly redefines the term “Influencer” as a painful nonlethal control device, and footnotes connect the shocking practices within the story to real-life events and statistics, bridging the gap between fiction and reality.

Through his skillful use of satire, shifting perspectives, and footnotes, Adjei-Brenyah crafts a potent critique of the prison-industrial complex, capitalism, and the exploitation of Black talent. The transformational power of his allegorical fiction is showcased in his blend of political commentary and gripping action. Chain-Gang All-Stars’ unflinching exploration of societal issues invites readers to question the essence of freedom and humanity, leaving them deeply impressed.

WORDS: brice.

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