DAILY DOSE: Europe is wilting under an oppressive heat wave; New initiative hopes to distribute vaccines more equitably.

Western Europe is currently baking on birth of this is heatwave. As a result, wild fires are breaking out across the Eric gr.. According to the associated press, “In both France and Spain, fierce heat fueled the fires — part of a wall of high temperatures moving across Europe, touching even places like Britain, where officials have issued the first-ever extreme heat warning. The country’s weather service forecast that the record high of 38.7 degrees Celsius (101.7 degrees Fahrenheit), set in 2019, could be shattered. ‘Forty-one isn’t off the cards,’ said Met Office CEO Penelope Endersby. ‘We’ve even got some 43s in the model, but we’re hoping it won’t be as high as that.'” As global temperatures or growing warmer and dryer, similar fires I’ve been breaking out around the world during the past few years. http://bit.ly/3obniVd

The European heatwave wave is causing temperatures to rise to uncomfortable levels in Great Britain. According to the Reuters, “Britain was on course for its hottest day on record on Monday with temperatures forecast to hit 40C for the first time, forcing train companies to cancel services and some schools to close while ministers urged the public to stay at home… Britain’s government triggered a ‘national emergency’alert as temperatures on Monday and Tuesday were forecast to surpass the 38.7C (102F) recorded in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden in 2019.” http://reut.rs/3PCfRSM

The global covert 19 pandemic has Added a new sense of urgency 2 public health initiatives with the gold have expanding vaccination access to resource for countries. A new initiative Is Taking an innovative approach to the problem. Per Science, “Called the mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub, the initiative is built around the shiny new promise of messenger RNA as a tool for vaccines and drugs. At the hub’s core is a small biotechnology firm in Cape Town, South Africa, called Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines. It is linked to South African universities and pharmaceutical companies based in 15 countries, including Senegal, Argentina and Indonesia (see ‘Changing the equation’). Together, these groups aim to make their own effective mRNA vaccine against COVID-19, before expanding into other diseases that are relevant to their regions, be it HIV, Zika or measles.” The initiative faces economic policies and a geopolitical legacy tilted in favour of the global north. This includes a dense web of mRNA vaccine patents that could deter companies involved with the hub that want to sell their products. The hub will also need to convince governments and international agencies to purchase doses from local manufacturers — even if they are initially more expensive than those produced by big pharma. http://go.nature.com/3RKretq

Ever have.unwanted thoughts that enter your mind, disrupting your current task or your good mood? A.recent study studied the best way to move past these problems. According to Science Focus, “The findings suggest that proactively suppressing an unwanted thought (rather than reactively suppressing it by replacing it with something else) could help us reduce them happening in the first place. ‘People are usually aware of their attempts to distract themselves from unwanted thoughts, or maybe suppress them in some other way, although they can rarely judge how well these attempts work. We tried to examine whether there are additional mechanisms allowing people to reduce the probability of thinking unwanted thoughts in the first place.'” Call.us cynical.but intrusive thoughts aren’t going anywhere. http://bit.ly/3AY2zvy

Thanks for reading. Let’s be careful out there.

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