MONO: “Hiddensee” by Beachy Head.

THE SONG: Hiddensee.

WHO: Beachy Head.

WHY IT’S HOT: This gem of a track is like a mashup of styles from the last 20 years and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s not nostalgic or ironic. It’s just honest. The Bitpop opening should have tipped me off . The delay, reverb, compression, tremolo, chorus, fuzz-filled repetitive guitar riffs that linger in the ether, detached and direct at the same time. The vocals that drift along steady musical waves. The entire album is actually really really solid and deserving of some listening time. The band’s distinct soundscape comes with some pedigree. Christian Savill from Slowdive is a moving force behind the band which also includes members of the Flaming Lips. So yeah.

WANT MORE? Check out “Michael”.

WORDS: brice.

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