The Daily Dose: Landmark climate change study refutes accepted dogma.

For many years, the idea that melting Arctic Ice has led to Changes in winter weather around the globe has been accepted as climate change Dogma. A recent study has changed that.  according to the journal science, “Now, the most comprehensive modeling investigation into this link has delivered the heaviest blow yet: Even after the massive sea ice loss expected by midcentury, the polar jet stream will only weaken by tiny amounts—at most only 10% of its natural swings. And in today’s world, the influence of ice loss on winter weather is negligible, says James Screen, a climate scientist at the University of Exeter and co-leader of the investigation, which presented its results last month at the annual meeting of the European Geosciences Union. ‘To say the loss of sea ice has an effect over a particular extreme event, or even over the last 20 years, is a stretch.’” no, the question is: will people adjust their views To match the data or are they too set in their  thinking?

An independent panel commission to investigate the world’s covid-19 response has issued a damning report.  According to the BBC, “The panel argued that the WHO’s Emergency Committee should have declared the outbreak in China an international emergency a week earlier than it did. It should have done so at its first meeting on 22 January last year, the report said, instead of waiting until 30 January. The month following the WHO’s declaration was “lost” as countries failed to take appropriate measures to halt the spread of the virus. The WHO was then hindered by its own regulations that travel restrictions should be a last resort, the panel said, adding that Europe and the US wasted the entire month of February and acted only when their hospitals began to fill up.”

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The human immunodeficiency virus, the microbe responsible for AIDS, has been used in a gene therapy Procedure against another autoimmune disease. according to the Associated Press, “A gene therapy that makes use of an unlikely helper, the AIDS virus, gave a working immune system to 48 babies and toddlers who were born without one, doctors reported Tuesday. Results show that all but two of the 50 children who were given the experimental therapy in a study now have healthy germ-fighting abilities. ‘We’re taking what otherwise would have been a fatal disease’ and healing most of these children with a single treatment, said study leader Dr. Donald Kohn of UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. ‘They’re basically ‘free range’ — going to school, doing normal things,’ without the worry that any infection could become life-threatening, he said.”  Those are really amazing results.

It has long been believed that animals and nature avoid inbreeding. a recent study cast doubt on that. “Biologists have long believed that it’s adaptive for most species to avoid mate pairings between close kin because of the potential genetic fallout, but a meta-analysis published May 3 in Nature Ecology & Evolution challenges this long-held assumption. The authors examined nearly 140 experimental studies of inbreeding avoidance conducted on 88 species—everything from fruit flies to humans—and found little evidence that animals on the whole prefer non-relatives.”  We will refrain from commenting on that.

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