MONO: “Stain” by Peter Rosenberg featuring Westside Gunn.


WHO: Peter Rosenberg featuring Westside Gunn

WHY IT’S HOT: “Stain”, off of Hot 97 & ESPN Radio disc jockey Peter Rosenberg’s  “Real Late” album finds Buff City’s flyest rhyme ambassador, Westside Gunn sounding as fresh and vicious as ever over a disgustingly slimy Bvlvm and JR Swift production. 

Underground heads will swallow this one whole as Gunn wonderfully delivers his signature jail talk/abstract art/fashion poetry with the aplomb and style that we’re used to. The next logical question after hearing this joint is when is the Flygod going to drop the whole Hitler 8 tape? 

WANT MORE?: Check out some vintage Westside Gunn on “King City”.

WORDS: Greg Cee.

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