MONO: “Lyte as a Rock (Album version)” by MC Lyte.

THE SONG: Lyte as a Rock

WHO: MC Lyte

WHY IT’S HOT… Before Megan. Before Nicki. Before Missy and Foxy and Kim. There was Lyte. While she never enjoyed the crossover success of her contemporaries like Salt-N-Pepa, MC Lyte was the pure rapper they could never be. Her style defied crossing over the same way G Raps did. “Lyte as a Rock” was her manifesto. The stripped down production let her rhymes and delivery shine. Vastly influential yet sadly underappreciated. (NOTE: Don’t waste your time with the not-so-great video version of this song. Didn’t understand it then and don’t now.)

WANT MORE? Paper Thin.

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