REEDSY REVIEW: Children of the Miracle.

Children of the Miracle by Daniel Weisbeck


A deadly virus returns. One woman may have the cure. But who deserves it?

In a dark future, the Sanctuary of Americas has been running genetic experiments on humans with animal DNA to stop a deadly virus. The result is the Chimera, a hybrid human species who must fight to fit into a new world order still run by the Pure humans. When the FossilFlu virus mutates, any hope of immunity is gone, and everyone and everything must fight to survive. The cure to the virus is the key to power and the future face of humanity. One doctor may hold the answer, but whose side is she on? May the best species win.

Being in a pandemic and seeing the mass hysteria, the pain, the death, can be overbearing for anyone. For scientists, the pressure is ten-fold. With so much reliance on finding a cure or at least a treatment, these individuals become heroes in the eyes of those who survive. If they are successful, they also become highly sought after individuals by companies, states, possibly even countries as a leader in medicine. Weisbeck writes a tale about the race for a cure during a time when populations have secluded themselves against a pandemic called FossilFlu. The reader will find that deception and power hunger are only the tip of the iceberg for this epic science fiction thriller.

Dr. Mercy Perching is a scientist who has just been informed that another sanctuary exists besides their own. More people have survived the FossilFlu and are actively requesting her assistance in finding a cure. With the lure of extending her knowledge by working side by side with other scientists who have far more advanced technologies than her own lab, she is leery to accept anything at face value.

Mercy is introduced to the ruler of the American Sanctuary, known as the Prime, who explains how scientists have genetically altered human DNA with mammals in the hopes of finding the cure. Before leaving the European Sanctuary, Mercy had requested live testing with mammal cells, but it seems that scientists here have already beat her to the punch–and failed.

Seeing as mammals were thought to have been immune to the virus, Dr. Perching quickly learns that the Prime and her scientists have opened up another avenue for the virus to spread, now causing both humans and mammals to be susceptible. Able to formulate her own opinion about the secrets surrounding this new sanctuary, Mercy finds others who have the same doubts about this new world that the Prime is building. She begins to find a new cause to succeed. Other than saving humanity, these hybrids, are part human and they have every right to survive as much as she does. Can she help protect them or will power and greed find them first?


Weisbeck’s story is sensational, offering suspense and wonder. The story is extremely well-written and creative. We have shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires, but have you really ever heard of avian hybrids or scorpion hybrids? 

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WORDS: Lauren Jones

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