The Daily Dose: Good news, asymptomatic coronavirus patients may not be contagious after all

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So that thing about 2019-nCoV patients being able to infect other people while being asymptomatic… It appears that might not be the case. The authors of the study that indicated asymptomatic transmission had occurred did not speak with the woman believed to have infected her acquaintances. German officials followed up with the patient. As per Science,“According to people familiar with the call, she felt tired, suffered from muscle pain, and took paracetamol, a fever-lowering medication.” That changes things slightly. The New England Journal of Medicine, who published the paper, has got some answering to do.

The privately owned Chinese media outlet, Caixin Global, has proven to be the go-to source of information and news stories when it comes to the 2019 novel coronavirus. This in-depth look at how the city of Wuhan and the political system failed to deal with the early days of the outbreak is well worth the read. (Article is free with registration.)

A new study investigated climate change models done between 1970 and the mid-2000’s and their predictions for our current time frame. Their results indicate that the models were pretty accurate. As per Nature, “Writing in Geophysical Research Letters, Hausfather et al.4 retrospectively assessed the forecasting skill of climate models published between 1970 and 2007. Their results show that the physics in these early models was accurate in predicting subsequently observed global surface warming.” Of course, deniers will be little moved. The only thing that will convince them will be to actually experience the end of the world.

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