Daily Dose: Damning revaluations about the OxyContin family; Elon Musk drops a rap single

There’s a lot of bad news circulating about the Sackler family, better known as the people who made a lot of money from the opioid crisis in America and the world. According to lawsuits filed against the family in Los Angeles and New York, the family actively sought to expand the OxyContin market even as it recognized the number of addictions skyrocketing. On top of that, they then sought to make money off the addiction crisis they played a big role in perpetuating by selling treatments for the addiction. https://nyti.ms/2HSQ1Ll

If you had any doubt regarding the damaging effects of the anti-net neutrality ruling, Ars Technica reports that the FTC has essentially given Internet Service Providers the green light to block and throttle websites at their discretion. The only thing ISPs need to do is disclose that they are doing so. We’re waiting to hear sensible explanations as to how this is a good thing for anyone who doesn’t own and ISP company. http://bit.ly/2WDBVAQ

An op-ed in The Scientist has called attention to the pervasiveness of what it calls “money culture” in academic science research. The article cites points to partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and employment of academics as consultants as particular egregious examples. Anxiety about funding lies at the root of this phenomenon, according to the author. http://bit.ly/2HThXyy

The European Union has voted to discontinue the use of single-use plastics such as straws, utensils, and bags. The plan could be implemented as early as 2021. The new plans would also require plastic bottles to be made up of 25 percent recycled material by 2025. http://bit.ly/2HTiX5M

Mars may have more water and be spread across a larger area on Mars than previously thought. According to new research, deep groundwater located as much as 750 meters under the surface may be responsible for occasional surface streams that have been observed on the red planet. http://bit.ly/2HTu66W

Elon Musk just released an auto-tune rap song. That’s all we have to say about that. If you want more information, click the link. CNET was patient enough to write a few graphs about it. https://cnet.co/2HRP9GQ

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