Monday Morning Blues: Merck was pounded on the Street after disclosing that it pulled its EU application for a keytruda + chemo combination in first-line non-small-cell cancer. By midday, shares plunged 6%.

Growing Pains or Different Strokes: The March for Science organization is already fraying at the edges. Seasoned activists are accusing the group of rigid, hierarchical, and secretive practices. It turns out, marching was the easy part. 

A matter of ends and means: Reports indicate that the Chinese government has shuttered an unprecedented 40% of factories to combat global warming. One suspects the Party’s desire to shift toward a consumer-based economy factors into the calculus at some point. Either way, it still helps.

Melting away: If the Communist Party needed any more reasons to play their part in the climate change war, the sight of their rapidly melting glaciers offers one more. The Tianshan No. 1 glacier is receding by 30 feet a year. It is the source of the Urumqi River that supports 4 million people. 

The eyes have it: Just have a look at this Stat image. It captures just how potent fentanyl really is. Scary stuff, to be honest.


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