Science in the Twitterverse: About that Russian explosion…

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New broke late Monday about an explosion in Russia. It occurred at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (VECTOR) near Novosibirsk. The center is home to most of world’s most deadly viruses including ebola, smallpox, HIV, SARS, etc. According to reporters, the explosion shattered ALL glass windows in the entire building.

Of course, the Twitteratti were quick to disseminate information peppered with the expected smarminess the online platform fosters so generously.

Initial reports focused on the incident itself.

Soon, observers were quick to point out that this incident came on the heals of another recent WMD disaster.

With all the glass shattering, people began wondering whether the highly contagious and deadly viruses had been inadvertently released into the surrounding environment and nearby Novosibirsk.

Eventually, calmer heads prevailed before any further cyber-hysteria could be drummed up. Someone familiar with the research center chimed in to state, in no uncertain terms, that pathogens would not have been released into the wild.

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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