Rakin’ Anthony Rizzo

We’ve got Rizzo edging out co-Cubbie Wilson Contreras by a hair, (We’re partial to catchers’ overall importance.) They’ve both put up the numbers the past week and have been carrying Chicago. Contreras has the better average, Rizzo everything else. The first baseman is hitting .471/.481/1.000 with 1.481 OPS. His 9 hits and 4 HRs are great but his 0 SOs stand out. Hit his 200th home run last night. Milestone.

Fakin’ Bryce Harper

After a torrid start to the season, Harper’s numbers have cratered. He’s been hitting the ball softer and looking uncomfortable at the plate. He’s hitting .180 in his last 100 at bats. Last week, he hit .125/.192/.208 with .401 OPS. The only thing more eye catching than his 0 HRs are his 9 SOs.

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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