SCINQ MLB Power Rankings (Week 1)

SCINQ’s resident baseball guru, Vitamin Cee, put together the season’s first Power Rankings (with a little help from his friends, of course). Feel free to disagree. Hit the comments.

Team Position Trend Comments
Red Sox 1 Defending champs. Best OF in baseball. Pen is weak.
Astros 2 Healthy Offense. Pitching?
Yankees 3 Early injuries. Can Paxton stay fit?
Dodgers 4 Stacked lineup. Injury bug. Is this their year?
Indians 5 Pitching. Pitching. Pitching.
Braves 6 Talent over youth?
Brewers 7 Great bullpen and offense
Nationals 8 Scherzer. Young core.
Cubs 9 Talented offense. Maddon.
Phillies 10 Bryce Harper. Bullpen.
Cardinals 11 Young staff. Talented lineup.
Athletics 12 Repeat WC magic?
Mets 13 Offense. Best closer from last year.
Rockies 14 Only way is up.
Rays 15 90 wins not again.
Mariners 16 Under the radar make noise.
Angels 17 Needs pitching.
Pirates 18 Could surprise many.
Twins 19 Health and Byron comeback.
Padres 20 Will Machado deliver?
Tigers 21 Miggy keeps offense steady.
Reds 22 Puig anchoring new offense.
Diamondbacks 23 Injuries.
Blue Jays 24 How can they win AL East?
Marlins 25 Mattingly magic?
Giants 26 Rebuild continues.
White Sox 27 Rookies make an impact?
Rangers 28 In need of a rebuild.
Royals 29 No Salvy, no chance.
Orioles 30 Only lose 100 this year.

WORDS: Vitamin Cee, Kool Brice

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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