The Daily Dose: Fat no more, an Ebola update, and the pending AI apocalypse

Repeal and Replace: Sort of. The World Health Organization outlined their ambitious plan to have all industrially-produced trans-fatty acids eliminated from the global food supply. Estimates indicate that intake of unhealthy fats result in up to 500,000 deaths a year.

Ebola’s back: Over forty cases of Ebola have been reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two have been verified and more are expected.

Ground Zero: Ever wonder why the Congo seems to suffer from an inordinate number of Ebola outbreaks? Scientists think they know why.

It’s all in the mind: Humans are able to learn new tasks like playing video games quickly because of something called meta learning. You can also call it learning about learning. Well, artificial intelligence researchers have attempted to duplicate it, only in machine form. It’s called meta-reinforcement learning. Apparently, it works, bringing us yet another step closer to the AI apocalypse.

Everyone’s got a price: Bloomberg reports that there are some heated discussions taking place at Google regarding selling artificial intelligence technology to the military. A weaponized AI. Great. Make that two steps closer to the aforementioned AI apocalypse.


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