Monday Morning Briefing (U.S. Edition)

On the Chopping Block: President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget has been submitted. Much of the government’s science-related agencies will be receiving less money if he gets his way. The NIH, FDA, and CDC are among the agencies subject to belt tightening.

And Then There’s Medicaid: $800 BILLION in cuts.

Do Not Pass Go: Shire and Xenetic’s drug for hemophilia A, SHP656, hasn’t fare very well during phase 1 / 2 tests. In their own words, “A pre-defined once-weekly dosing criterion was not met.” That’s clear enough.

Space Babies: A team of Japanese scientists were able to fertilize mice egg with freeze-dried sperm and bring it to term. Healthy baby mice have resulted. It suggests that reproduction is possible in zero-gravity conditions. And a sperm back on the moon. Really.

Deforestation Continues: New research utilizing satellite imagery shows that although Myanmar still retains much of its original forest, it is losing it at a furious clip.

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