Korean science institutes join forces

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Korea’s four institutes of science and technology (KAIST, GIST, DGIST, UNIST) have prepared a joint innovation plan, thus reported it to the 4th Special Committee on Future Talents, part of the Presidential Advisory Council on Science & Technology on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

Centered around the joint office of the four S&T institutes, the proposed plan is based on the information, collected via the recent formation of S&T Institute Strategy Council.

At its core, the plan pushes ahead the “World’s Top 10 University by 2030” by taking “global leader in science, technology, and innovation for the happiness and prosperity of humankind,” as its main vision. Fundamentally, it aims to foster global talents in science and technology (education) who will meet the requirements of all three areas of education, research, and system. This also entails taking a leap towards research-centered universities (Research) through innovation, as well as buidling an autonomous and responsible management system (System) that support educational research and innovation.

The detailed tasks were divided into the following five areas: ▲ Governance ▲ Education Innovation ▲ Research Innovation ▲ Globalization ▲ Innovation through Reforms on Relevant Systems.

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