Friday Briefing: We’re all doomed Edition

Earth’s Ticking Timebomb: Responding to a New Scientist article, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has sounded the alarm regarding overpopulation on the earth. We’re all doomed. That’s the message. The answer? Probably in space. We can hitch a ride with SpaceX, right?

What a Pain: Endo pharmaceutical has agreed to take its Opana ER off the market after the FDA requested that it be shelved. The agency voiced concerns that it would be abused too easily.

No End in Sight: Gabapentin, the nerve drug, appears to be the next big thing when it comes to prescription drug abuse. People looking for a high can find it anywhere.

A Poke in the Eye: Researchers report positive news in the perennial fight against malaria. According to a new study, treating bednets with artemisinin-combination therapy offered significant, lasting drops in prevalence over seven years.

Mosquito Mystery: Ever wonder why some people get bit by mosquitoes more than others? (We certainly do.) Now researchers are digging deeper into the phenomenon.

Here today, gone tomorrow: While there’s a lack of unanimity, consensus among climate scientists is that Antarctica is shedding land mass.

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