Scientific Inquirer is accepting submissions for essays, articles, and long-form pieces – fiction and non. We are particularly interested in pieces that explore and possibly explain how the sciences influence society and vice versa. Sports. Music. Movies. Books. Visual Arts. Travel. Business. You name it; we’re probably open to it. There is no word limit but keep it tight. We will pay for accepted submissions (see below). Send submissions to and include SUBMISSION to the subject line. Please paste essays into the body of the email. For articles, profiles, and long-form pieces, please pitch before submitting.

Pay Rates:

There are two payment options offered by Scientific Inquirer. Which option contributors choose will be decided prior to publishing of articles.

Option 1

This model pays $20 per essay upon completion of final edits.

Option 2

This model pays $1 per hundred unique page views per article for short to mid-length articles. The maximum payment is $50. After three months, times up.

Long reads pay $3 per hundred unique page views per article. The maximum payment is $100. As with shorter articles, the time to accrue page views ends after three months.