DATA DEPENDENT DAILY (MLB): Giants take on the Dodgers; Shohei takes on the Athletics.

While the OPS of last night’s top 3 hitters were higher than the other two (based on 5 plate appearances), It’s hard to ignore the bigger contributions from Washington Nationals’ Juan Soto and Kansas City Royals’ Hunter Dozier. In terms of the Yankees’ Gleyber Torres, the question is whether recent hitting success suggests a return to form or a blip during an otherwise dire season?

Willy Adames2211.0003.500
Josh Rokas1101.0003.000
Gleyber Torres211.5002.750
Juan Soto431.7502.550
Hunter Dozier4401.0002.500

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Chicago White Sox’s Carlos Rodon had a great night, as did Milwaukee Brewers Corbin Burnes. Based on length of outing and Ks, we’d say Burnes’ performance was a tad better. For the most part, stellar performances from both. On a side note, it’s nice to see Matt Harvey have a good night with a 0.00 ERA.

Carlos Rodon7.010850.000.143
Corbin Burnes8.112840.000.720
Hyun Jin Ryu7.04740.000.571
Wily Peralta7.04690.001.143
Matt Harvey6.02670.000.667

Marquee Matchup: San Francisco Giants (58-34) vs Los Angeles Dodgers (58-36)

Marquee Pitching Matchup: Shohei Ohtani (LAA) (4-1; 3.49 ERA) vs Cole Irvin (OAK) (6-8; 3.65 ERA) (NOTE: This is more an Ohtani vs one of the best teams in the American League than against the opposing pitcher.)

Monday hitters… Vladimir Guerrero Jr. or Kyle Schwarber? Take your pick. Can’t really go wrong for your daily fantasy team.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.2093.4501.426
Kyle Schwarber2494.3751.340
Yuli Gurriel22130.5911.320
Javier Baez2575.2801.317
Ramon Laureano1771.4121.230

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