Disaster in the making: The United Nations issued a sobering report today. According to scientists, up to 1 million of the earth’s 8 million species are at risk for extinction. Humans bear most of the blame. According to CNN, “Shrinking habitat, exploitation of natural resources, climate change and pollution are the main drivers of species loss and are threatening more than 40% of amphibians, 33% of coral reefs and over a third of all marine mammals with extinction, the IPBES report said.” Would colonizing Mars do the trick? https://cnn.it/2VPXCRw

The end of AIDS?: There’s some promising news on the HIV/AIDS front. A study in the Lancet reported that HIV-positive men whose infection was completely suppressed due to antiretroviral therapy could not infect their partners. This means that an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic may be possible in the future. http://bit.ly/2LnQIyF

GUILTY: A federal court has found top executives from an opioid company guilty of racketeering charges in connection to the deadly prescription painkiller fentanyl. The founder of Insys Therapeutics and other executives were charged with conspiring “to fuel sales of its highly potent drug, Subsys, by not only bribing doctors to prescribe their product but also by misleading insurers about patients’ need for the drug.” https://nyti.ms/2LBkmk2

Chronic differences: A recent report suggests that the marijuana people are smoking differs slightly from the cannabis researchers use in the laboratory. That means that the effects being reported by scientists may differ from what patients using cannabis from dispensaries are using. According to the New York Times,“Critics have long complained that National Institute on Drug Abuse’s pot is weaker than strains typically sold in dispensaries in states where the drug is now legal, or available on the street.” https://go.nature.com/2LoIOoQ

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