Pope in Space: Pope Francis engaged in some celestial conversation, only it didn’t involve a moment’s meditation on his part. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, the pontiff spoke with members of the International Space Station via satellite link. http://bit.ly/2zS3IDa

Making CRISPR Crisper: A “CRISPR-derived” base editing technique solves one of CRISPR’s weaknesses, namely replacing point mutations involving a single base-pair. http://bit.ly/2zQw7sZ

Trump, the EPA, and their Gag response: Three scientists were prevented from speaking by the Environmental Protection Agency about a topic that implicated climate change on the devlining health of Narragansett Bay, New England. http://bit.ly/2zRwzY7

Peace, Guns and Understanding: Many a public health expert has decried the fact that gun violence does not garner the same mobilization attempts as disease outbreaks that result in fewer deaths. An article in STAT, proposes taking a more empirical approach to studying the effect of guns on society as opposed to just taking the NRA’s word for it. https://buff.ly/2z9octN

Crisis in Nigeria: Science magazine points the camera lens toward the health and humanitarian crisis in Nigeria. Boko Haram induced famine-conditions is resulting in widespread malnutrition which in turn allows disease to flourish. http://bit.ly/2gJCTMC


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